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"Carolle debuts with a richly detailed time-travel romance... [The Author] makes the love triangle that emerges between these three protagonists utterly believable and brings delightful specificity to her depictions of life in a medieval castle. Outlander fans will be well pleased.

Publishers Weekly


The Veil Between Worlds

A time-travel adventure she never wanted… with the man who broke her heart.

When Ellie Hartford, a divorced mother of two and professor of Middle English, goes on vacation with her two little girls to England, she thinks it’ll be a relaxing time to catch up with her friend Jane. They’ll go on long walks in the beautiful English countryside, eat delicious food, see a few sights, and catch up with her best friend, who—bonus—lives in a partially renovated castle. They are stunned when John, an ex-boyfriend of Ellie, shows up drunk, hand-cuffed in ancient manacles late one night. Handsome and kind neighbor Harry helps get John uncuffed, but the mystery remains—what happened to John? A medieval treasure trove is revealed, that has a direct connection to the haunted labyrinth in Jane’s back garden. When the force of broken hearts wields more influence than Ellie could have foretold, she is pulled back to the year 1344, to the reign of Edward III, and the founding of the Order of the Garter.

Ellie will do whatever it takes to get back to her children. With her knowledge of the medieval language and culture, she must navigate the intricate world of feudal England, with its tournaments, knights, chivalry, dancing, and feasts.

Not to mention the distraction of two men eager to tear down the walls she’s built around her heart.

The Veil Of Time

She journeyed through time in search of da Vinci…

King’s College PhD candidate Gabriella Palmer is sixtieth in line to the throne, yet has only forty pounds to her name. She’s got no man, no money, and she must reluctantly return to her dissertation. So when offered the opportunity to travel back in time to meet her hero, the great Leonardo, she accepts the mission to find one of his missing paintings and bring it back to 2023.

…what she found was the love she’d always dreamed of.

Accompanied by a cantankerous “bodyguard” named Graham, and time-travel expert John Stafford, Gabby experiences a series of misadventures— from an attempted seduction by Henry VIII, to peril at the court of France’s King Francois I. But meeting the Tudor hunk whose painted portrait has hung on her bedroom wall since she was a teen, was a definite upside.

And what she learned…

Gabby discovers that life—in any era—can teach her more than she’d ever learn in school.

Love is timeless.


The Season of the Veil

All of Maeve’s world is a stage...

Maeve Meriden stays busy, between her career as a drama teacher, and acting for fun at the community theater. Her favorite playwright is Shakespeare, with his mistaken identities, enemies-to-lovers plots, and especially his themes of unrequited love. It mirrors her life because she—along with everyone else— has a crush on Mick, their Bohemian director. And then,she and Mick are approached with an improbable mission by the Ladies of the Labyrinth.

And she is just a player...

Maeve and Mick are tasked with the job of discovering if the rumors about Shakespeare are true, by actually going back in time. Did he collaborate with a female poet of the same era? Is the Bard, in fact, the Bard-ess? It’s like a Shakespearean play come to life and the acting gig of a lifetime. Besides, the Ladies practically proved to her that in Tudor times, she’ll find the love of her life.

Exit 2023, enter 1592.

No matter what year it is the course of true love never did run smooth.

The whole series is now available to buy!


Professor Ellie Hartford, devoted single mom, would never dream of leaving her two young daughters behind to time travel to medieval England, even if it is her passion and area of expertise. Yet, there comes an old love. And a suspiciously authentic green silk laced dress. And a labyrinth with mysterious power. In the same way that Ellie is inexorably pulled into the labyrinth, readers will be drawn into Hope Carolle’s delightful interweaving of past and present. Fans of "Outlander" will absolutely love The Veil Between Worlds.

Lisa Williams Kline, author of Between the Sky and the Sea

Carolle debuts with a richly detailed time-travel romance. Massachusetts Middle English professor Ellie Hartford brings her two daughters for a visit with her oldest friend, Jane, at Jane’s historic English property, Wodesley Castle. She’s hoping to avoid Jane’s brother, John, Ellie’s college ex-boyfriend, but when he shows up haggard and confined in ancient manacles, she reluctantly listens to his fantastical story of spending time in the 14th century. It seems far-fetched, but Ellie soon sees the truth of it when John lures both her and family friend Harry through a portal back to 1344. Now Ellie must put her knowledge of Edward III’s reign to use as she desperately works to get home to her children, even as she and Harry become further entrenched in a tournament being held at Wodesley castle. Meanwhile, John works toward his own hidden agenda. Carolle makes the love triangle that emerges between these three protagonists utterly believable and brings delightful specificity to her depictions of life in a medieval castle. Outlander fans will be well pleased. (Jan.)

Publishers Weekly

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